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The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP) helps to create healthier communities in the San Joaquin Valley that support healthy eating and active living.  CCROPP is among a growing number of programs in the nation who use a policy and environmental change approach to help community members gain access to healthy food, beverages and safe places to be physically active. At the core of CCROPP is an important leadership training program (Powerful People: Building Leadership for Healthy Communities), in which local residents gain the critical skills and tools to take on leadership roles and help to create healthier communities.  

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Join the West Fresno Boys and Girls Club youth as they present their photographs about healthy eating and physical activity in
West Fresno. Come learn more and bring a friend!

WHEN:           Thursday, September 11, 2014


TIME:              5:30 - 7:00 P.M.


WHERE:          West Fresno Boys and Girls Club

                       930 Tulare St.

                       Fresno, CA 93706                


For more information, contact Jesse Tedrick, Youth Coordinator for the Champions for Change Program at (559) 498-0870 ext. 104 or jesse@ccropp.org.




SB 1151: Safer School Zones (Cannella)


Throughout California, many schools are back in session and this should be the time where children can enjoy the benefits of walking and biking to school. For far too many youth, especially in the Central Valley, this is not the case.

SB 1151: Safer School Zones grew out of the need for children to have safe environments where they could practice good health by walking and biking to and from school.  Click here for our fact sheet in English and Spanish.


This is a very critical couple of weeks for the bill to be passed.  Here are the many ways that YOU can help:

  • Click here to send an email to Governor Brown encouraging him to support SB 1151 - safer school zones for our children.  This template was provided by TRANSFORM.
  • Contact the Governor and his staff by phone at:(916) 445-2841.  Click here for a sample phone script.
  • Submit a formal letter of support by fax: (916) 558-3160.  See template letter for the grassroots community and organizational partners.
  • Visit our Facebook page  to post pictures featuring the challenges that children face in walking and biking to and from school.  Share your post(s) with Governor Brown (facebook.com/jerrybrown). 
  • Visit our Twitter page to post pictures that depict challenges for youth walking and biking to and from school.  

Sample Tweets:

Tell @JerryBrownGov why you need #SaferSchoolZones near your school.

@JerryBrownGov schoolchildren deserve #SaferSchoolZones.  Sign SB 1151.

  • Encourage the grassroots community and other partners or colleagues to be a part of this movement!


Additional Resources:


TRANSFORM'S Blog, written by Bianca Taylor: The high cost of driving and unsafe streets shouldn't stand in the way of a child's education.  

SB 1151: Zonas Seguras De Las Escuela (Cannella)

La propuesta de ley al Senado 1151: Zonas Seguras De Las Escuela (Cannella) tiene como objetivo aumentar la seguridad de los niños en las zonas es-colares y desalentar el comportamiento de la conducción insegura a través de una multa adicional de $35 por violaciónes de tráfico citados en las zonas esco-lares. Las multas serán dirigidas al Programa de Transporte Activo para apoyar proyectos que fomenten la seguridad y promuevan la actividad física regular para los niños que caminan o que usan bicicleta hacia y desde la escuela.


  • Llame a la oficina del gobernador Jerry Brown al (916) 445-2841 y pídale que apoye zonas escolares mas seguras para los niños y pase la norma (Bill) SB 1151.
  • Envié por fax una carta formal de apoyo al: (916) 558-3160. Haga clic aqui para ver un ejemplo de carta. 
  • Únase a la conversación a través de los medios sociales:   

Por Twitter: Visite la pagina de Twitter de CCROPP (twitter.com/ CCROPP_Regional) y use el hashtag #SaferSchoolZones y suba imágenes para ayudar a transmitir la importancia de las rutas seguras a la escuela. Incluya a JerryBrownGov para que pueda ver los tweets. Twitter muestra: TellJerryBrownGov que los escolares de California necesitan #SaferSchoolZones.

Por Facebook: Use https://www.facebook.com/RegionalCCROPP para publicar fotos que enseñen los desafíos que enfrentan los niños que caminan o usan bicicleta para ir a la escuela. Comparta su mensaje con el Gobernador (facebook.com/jerrybrown).







In the Central Valley, grassroots leaders are transforming their environments into places that support healthy eating and active living. A collection of short vignettes document how they have been successful. The colorful vignettes were developed as a special project of the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program and produced by Valley PBS. They build upon the strength of community advocacy and leadership as an effective approach to obesity prevention. Click here to visit our "In The News" page and select from different videos to watch.


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